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Results Based Accountability

Do you want to make a 
positive difference?

What is RBA?

  • Results Based Accountability or RBA(TM) is a simple and effective, evidence-based framework that enables governments, agencies, providers, communities and people to design, deliver and measure outcomes. It is an internationally renowned framework that is used and favoured globally. 

  • RBA uses a data-driven, decision-making process to help communities and organisations move beyond talking about problems, to agree on actions to solve problems. It is a simple, common-sense framework that everyone can understand and participate in. It is also a great companion framework for Collective Impact or collaborative initiatives in general.

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How can we help you?

We are New Zealand’s leading RBA 
consultancy in New Zealand. 

We have worked globally and domestically, supporting hundreds of people, organisations and communities to use RBA. We have many years of practice supporting clients to design, collect data and apply RBA from governance and strategy through to planning, service design and showcasing data to prove the impact.


Contact us so we can show you the latest examples of our work here and internationally.

Clear Impact Software

We are licenced re-sellers of Clear Impact software and help train you and your team on how to use this fantastic software to track your outcomes performance. 

RBA and Collective Impact

For more details about RBA and RBA aligned with Collective Impact, please see an excellent guide on RBA by our global partner Clear Impact and another guide by Mark Friedman below

RBA Videos & Resources


 Sharon discusses key RBA™ concepts (2-3-7), the benefits of the RBA™ process, the seven step thinking process of RBA™ and some baseline tools that will start you off on your RBA™ journey.  She is joined by Takutaimoana (Natasha) Kemp who demonstrates how RBA™ is used to monitor sexual health education in her NGO. Thank you to Jan Hinde and team from Community Resources.

Ngā mihi.

Thanks to Community Research for outlining on their site where some of the above resources are.

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